Free Kindle Book For Kids

Free all day today!

Where Is Baby? is perfect for young children.  They are asked to guess what is hiding in each picture, and finally find baby at the end of the book.  My 4 year old loves it!

Please download it for your Kindle or Kindle App, and leave a review on Amazon when you’ve read it.  Thanks!

Get it here.

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What is the best e-reader for kids?

What is the best e-reader for kids?  The iPad, the Nook or the Kindle?  Find out what one mom thinks below:

From the article:

The Kindle is the best eReader for children (and adults). It works predictably and consistently. The battery lasts much longer than the iPad or Nook. Purchasing books is super easy whether from the device or on Amazon.  It is durable, lightweight, perfectly sized, etc.  It’s what an eReader should be.  When we traveled to Italy this summer, we even saw Italian children reading on Kindles on the trains, not Nooks or iPads.

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